Who We Are

Nano Recover is a reputable brand of high-quality CBD consumer goods that prides itself on sourcing the finest input material from family farms nationwide. Extraction input material comes from cultivars such as Cherry Wine, Lifter, and Sour Lifter, which are known for their rich cannabinoid content and compatibility with various growing zones.

Before being used to manufacture products such as the Nano Recovers Daytime Tincture and  Sleep Spray, all input material undergoes a rigorous process of laboratory testing. The material is first turned into Distillate and Isolate, which are then tested to ensure that they meet strict standards for compliant cannabinoid content, no pesticides, no microbiological compounds, and other important criteria.

The result is a range of packaged consumer goods that offer the benefits of CBD in convenient and effective forms. Whether you’re looking for a daytime tincture to help you recover from exercise or a sleep spray to help you relax at night, Nano Recover has you covered. With our commitment to high standards and quality control, you can trust that you’re getting the best possible product every time you choose Nano Recover